240th Assault Helicopter Company Unit Used Patch

VC for Lunch Bunch was a motto used by the 240th Assault Helicopter Company. This is a patch used by the helicopter pilots and crews on uniforms and helmet bags. This patch is directly off a uniform, and is Japanese made, high quality, fully embroidered. Scarce patch identified to a specific helicopter unit, the Mad Dogs of the 240th AHC in Vietnam (see last photo – photo is not part of the auction). The patch is designed to look like a VC face, with the “V” and the “C” forming the eyes, the “for” as a nose, and “lunch bunch” as the smiling mouth. On a uniform, this would appear as a body-less head, which is a bad omen for the Vietnamese people. Those that loose their head or other body parts were said to roam the afterlife continuously searching for their missing body part.

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 643792009460681510 picture

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