Cadet West Point Bayonet Dagger US 1903 Modeled after the KRAG M1898

Thanks to the ebayers that helped to lable correctly!Working release button does show surface rust so please use zoom no sheath, Please email with questions Thanks for looking BarbPlease contact us if you see an error in the listing we will correct or remove listingSee our other Military items Us and Abroad from the Civil War to Vietnam. Pins, Patches, Uniforms, Hats, Helmets, Cavalry, Airborne and More Check out my other items!Adding 30+ items at Auction weekly some starting at .99 cents. Thanks for looking!We guarentee your full satisfaction or full refund upon return. We will ship only to the address provided on Paypal. Vintage Military and Antique items may show wear, most are average to better condition, than age.If item condition is below average we note in description and Condition. Please use zoom and contact us with any questions at least 24 hours before the end of the auction. All items are stored off location and we may not be able to answer questions or specifics last minute as an auction closes.

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Click here to see the auction on eBay. Currently $69.99.

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