US Navy Type G-1 Leather Flying Jacket 1967, size 44, w/ original 1950′s patches

As titled, this is a Type G-1 Navy Leather Flight Jacket, produced under 1967 contract, in size 44. Except for the Naval Aviator wings/name/rank patch, all of the patches appear to date from the 1950′s; I don’t know the date of Commander Robinson’s last promotion. “IRON MEN,” on the left shoulder, is for the third incarnation of VF-82, which was in commission from 1953 to 1959, during which period was equipped with F9F-5 Panther, a Korean War era carrier jet, which was replaced beginning in 1956 by the F3H Demon, hence “DEMON DRIVER” patch on left chest below wings/name/rank patch. VF-82 was assigned to Carrier Air Group Eight (CVG-8) during 1957-58, which is the second patch on the left arm. The right chest bears a large patch embroidered on what appears to be wool, depicting a black cat hurling fire with his right front paw, wearing a baseball mitt on his left. This patch is identified by the National Naval Aviation Museum website ( as representing Composite Squadron Four (VC-4) from 1948-1956, at which time it was redesignated All Weather Squadron Four (VF(AW)-4), until decommissioned in 1959. The motto “NOX MEA AUXILIATRIX EST” (Night is my Ally) is on a banner at bottom edge of patch. Squadron members were nicknamed “Nightcappers.” A concise but detailed history of this squadron is posted on the previously-cited museum website; many different aircraft were assigned simultaneously. The squadron’s mission was provision of all weather and night figher support and it provided detachments to many different ships and deployments. During its existence, it was one of the largest operational squadrons in the Navy. The patch on the right shoulder, depicting a mustached man wearing a pirate hat, holding a cutlass in his right hand, straddling a set of Naval Aviator wings, is not identified.

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