Special Forces Recondo School (Nha Trang) Advisor Recon Pocket Patch Vietnam War

0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false 1st Special Forces USARV (United States Army Vietnam) Nha Trang Recondo School Advisor Recon Pocket Patch. MACV Recondo School Advisor – Instructor patch. This original patch was worn by Advisors/Instructors of the elite U.S. Special Forces ran Recondo School for Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols. Located in Nha Trang, South Vietnam, the school was originally created by Detachment B-52 “Project Delta’ of the 5th Special Forces Group (1st Special Forces) in May of 1964. Although originally created for SF Recon units, the effectiveness of the Recondo Course quickly led to LRRP training for regular USARV Army units as well. The Instructor at the grueling three-week Recondo School was expected to teach reconnaissance, raids, ambushes, and intelligence gathering. VERY RARE. Me and My CollectionI’d like to share with you a bit about myself, and my collection. First of all, I’ve been collecting U.S. Army Special Forces, and MACV SOG militaria for OVER 40 YEARS. I was born and raised on and around Army bases, during and immediately following the Vietnam War. My stepfather was Special Forces from its earliest days, and throughout SF involvement in Vietnam. He was an SFC. in the 5th Special Forces Group, Co. C (Charlie Company) in Vietnam for 4 tours, and before that, 2 tours in 10th Special Forces Group in Germany, serving in combat in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and The Congo in his 20+ year career. My collection started when my stepfather married my mother in 1969, and presented me with my first green beret – From then on, I’ve basically scoured the planet looking for original Airborne, USSF and MACV-SOG patches, berets, uniforms, and equipment. Other than what I received from my stepfather (and other Army brats like myself) many of my patches were acquired when I was a youngster during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. I started attending on-post yard sales, gun shows, and militaria shows during this time period. My point is, when I say my pieces are “Original” I mean they were made IN Vietnam, or Southeast Asia DURING, the Vietnam War. Most of my collection has been in my possession for decades. The others were bought from reputable, reliable dealers over the years. What I’m selling is MY collection. I only have a couple patches that I have a double for, so if you see one you need, you better snag it, because I won’t be replenishing my supply with copies currently being reproduced in Asia, like MOST of the regular dealers on Ebay. When mine are gone, they’re gone. Please feel free to compare my patches to the reproductions of similar design currently on eBay, as I’m sure you will see the difference. All sales are final, so please be sure this particular item is for you. This item is exactly as described and except for the occasional obvious reference pic, all the detailed photos here are of the actual item you’ll be receiving. Please note that I expect payment within 3 days after auction’s end. Item will be shipped Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, and I only ship to Continental U.S. addresses, and do so as soon as possible after your Paypal payment has been deposited into my bank account. If you are a U.S. serviceman currently serving overseas I will make an exception to this. I do combine shipping for a reduced price, and will leave the winner Positive Feedback as soon as I receive the same. Thanks for checking this item out, please feel free to ask any questions, as I am happy to share information with fellow collectors. GOOD LUCK! Please be sure to save me to your favorite sellers because I am about to start letting go of my massive 40 year collection that includes many Special Forces, MACV SOG, items as well as various militaria from WWII – Vietnam. Special Forces, Vietnam War, Viet Nam War, Special Operations Forces, CIA, MACV-SOG, Delta Force,, Navy Seals, Recon, Reconnaissance, MIKE Force, CIDG, Mobile Strike Force, Mobile Guerrilla Force, Montagnard, Bru, Nung, Viet Cong, NVA, North Vietnam, Saigon, Da Nang, Danang, USSF, 5th Special Forces Group, 10th Special Forces Group, SFG.,

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