Original USAF c.1962 F-105 23rd TACTICAL FIGHTER SQUADRON Patch – Spangdahlem

Original vintage (c. 1962) 23rd TACTICAL FIGHTER SQUADRON patch The 23rd TFS was based at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany during 1962 and flew the F-105 Thunderchief (I believe that the 23rd was the first squadron to use the F-105 in the Western European theater). I will also include a matching F-105 Thunderchief arrowhead patch (the blue background with white border indicates a Spangdahlem-based F-105 designation). Both patches were acquired from the Estate of USAF pilot Lt. Col. Elmer “Dutch” Springer (Springer was with the 23rd TFS from 1959-1963). Both patches are in Very Good to Excellent Condition considering age: the 23rd TFS orange twill patch measures 4″ across and was previously worn in service by Springer. The blue twill F-105 arrowhead is UNUSED and still retains it’s original rigid starching, however it has aquired some soiling over its 50 years of storage. This is a 5-DAY AUCTION

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