Laos – Long Tieng CIA Special Operations – US Special Forces ” The Place That Does Not Exist ” Air America Landing Zones – Laos 7th SF – 5th SF US Special Forces – Laos Measures – 4.4 x 3.2 inches ( 11 x 8 cms )Green BeretsLong Tieng US Special Operations – MAAG, CIA Op’s – Laos Operations Ban Long Tieng – Long Tiang Ban Long Tieng (also spelled Long Chieng, Long Cheng, Long Chen, Long Thiang) was a CIA, Air America military base located in Lao’s Xiangkonag Province. During the Vietnam War it served as a town and airbase operated for the Central Intelligence Agency and Air Ameirca. During this time, it was also referred to as Lima Site 98 (LS 98) or Lima Site 20A (LS 20A). At the height of its significance in the late 1960s, the “secret city” of Long Tieng maintained a population of 40,000 inhabitants, making it the second largest city in Laos at the time, although it never appeared on maps throughout this period. It was known as “The Place that Does Not Exist” and “The Most Secret Place on Earth”. In 1962 the CIA first set up a headquarters for Major General Van Pao in the Long Tiang valley, which at that time had almost no inhabitants. By 1964 a 1260m-long runway had been completed and by 1966 it was one of the largest US installations on foreign soil and quickly became one of the busiest airports in the world. So secret was the base at Ban Long Tiang that in 1971 a US Air Force, F4 Phantom, seeing the base mistook it for a Viet Cong stronghold and bombed the runway with cluster bombs. NVA forces began to threaten Long Tieng in late 1971, and came close enough to start shelling the area on December 31. In early January of 1972, 19,000 North Vietnamese forces launched a four pronged attack on Long Tiang, encircling the site, capturing several facilities and positions, and installing antiaircraft batteries. Despite subsequent claims of victory from communist forces, the 10,000 defenders of Long Tieng, a mixture of Hmong Thai and Lao Mercenaries, had not been overrun, and in mid-month reinforcements appeared in the form of CIA-led Thais and 1200 elite Mercenaries from southern Laos. After enduring a third to 50% casualties, these forces succeeded in taking back key positions by the end of the month. “What a place is Long Tieng,” said USAid officer Jim Schill. “Tribal soldiers dressed in military garb standing next to traditionally dressed Hmong, with Thai mercenaries milling about. And the Americans here are mostly CIA operatives with goofy code names like Hog, Mr. Clean, and Junkyard. The town itself is not much. There’s one paved road running through it and tin shacks on either side with eating shops, food stalls, and living quarters.” During the Vietnam War, Long Tieng became the largest Montagnard settlement in the world. Whilst the US had long since (officially) ceased operations in South Vietnam, on the 22nd of February 1975, the final defensive outpost for Long Tiang was defeated by the Viet Cong, leading US Brigadier General Alderholt to begin planning an evacuation. By May 1975 (after the official end of the Vietnam War) , there were almost 50,000 guerillas and refugees living in and around the city. However, by then, the U.S. had withdrawn all its civilian and military personnel from Indochina, except for a few Embassy personnel in Laos and CIA Operative Jerry Daniels ( Mr. Clean ) in Long Tiang. There were few resources for an evacuation. Daniels had only a single transport aircraft and Hmong pilot in Long Tiang to take evacuees to Thailand. Aderholt located three additional American transport aircraft and pilots in Thailand. He had the planes “sheep dipped” to remove all markings identifying them as American-owned and sent them to Long Tiang. On May 10, 1975, General Vang Pao followed the CIA counsel and decided that he could no longer maintain Long Tiang against the opposing forces.Between May 10 to May 14, 1975, US C-130 and C-46 Aircraft lifted people from the airbase to US bases in Thailand. Between 1,000 and 3,000 Hmong were evacuated. Crowds of civilians surrounded the flights on the runways, creating a chaotic atmosphere. Those evacuated were primarily Montagnard military leaders and CIA employees. The evacuation ended with the departure of Major General Vang Pao and CIA Operative Jerry Daniels. Vang Pao told the people still on the tarmac “Farewell, my brothers, I can do nothing more for you, I would only be a torment for you,” as he boarded a helicopter.Tens of thousands of fighters and refugees were left behind.The over 10,000 Hmong on the airfield expected more aircraft to return, but they later learned that there were no more aircraft. The shelling of Long Tiang began on the afternoon of May 14.Many of the Hmong fighters and their families made their way overland to Thailand during the next several years. US Special Forces – Laos Measures – 4.4 x 3.2 inches ( 11 x 8 cms )Green BeretsLong Tieng Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE Vietnam War Original Post: Post, Anywhere Worldwide is $4.40 – USA / Australia $4.40 – (international Posted via Airmail, we post daily). 2nd and subsequent patches (or bank-notes) are sent free of postal charge when sent in same order. Watch Post – If tracking is required for your post please request invoice – World postal tracking costs as follows – USA / Europe $ 22.00 – Asia / NZ $ 18 – Australia $ 12 – Rest of World $30 FREE POST – Free Post is supplied for orders of 6 or more Patches, Maps, Notes, Badges or Medals paid and posted in same weekly order (must be paid within 7 days of first purchase) – does not include tracking. 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