This is a a hard to find Ace Novelty Japan made 326th FIS patch they flew the F 86 and the F 102 out of Richards Gebaur AFB. This squadron closed its doors in 1967. Patch is 4 inches tall. Vertical streaks are from my scanner not the patch I bought a patch collection a few months back that belonged to a retired United States Air Force Master Sergeant (MSGT). He served in the career field of life support from 1958-1982. He spent most of his time in the ADC Air Defense Command working with Fighter Interceptor Squadrons F-101’s, F 102’s, F-104’s, and F106’s. He collected most of these patches from flight suits. He removed the patches from flight suits or picked them up in various places in his Air Force travels. In his career field, they sew the patches on fight gear when you change squadrons and remove the old ones. He was in the perfect job to collect USAF patches. Most of these patches have flight time on them as they were removed from flight suits. He did not add another patch to his collection after he retired from the Air Force. These patches are all Pre 1983, as he retired in the latter part of 1982. I am going to be selling the patches that I already have in my collection. I will stand behind all of these patches to be original from this time period. I hope you can find some nice patches to add to your collection. You can be rest assured that they are the real deal. He had glued them to black paper in a scrap book. Some of the patches have more glue than others. The glue can be picked off as I have picked it off of the ones I added to my collection. It all depends on the type of material the patches were made on, as to how well it can be removed. It just takes a little work and some patience. I will scan both sides, so you can see what you are getting. I am a former F-106 pilot myself and collect all USAF fighter related patches. Have fun there will be more of this collection to come. Thanks, Ben

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 250991306095984100 picture
 250991306095984101 picture
 250991306095984102 picture

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